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Hold on to hard-earned cash for use in other parts of your business. Flexible payment options with little or no down payment are available.

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Lease almost any type of new or pre-owned equipment. You decide what equipment your business needs.

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Equipment Financing

Whether you're ready to upgrade to new technology or need to replace an aging machine, rely on Sierra Equipment Finance to help you get it done.  

Equipment Financing

We lease the equipment you need to grow your business

Equipment financing enables you to aquire the equipment and technology your business needs without using up your working capital or business line of credit.

Benefits for Equipment Financing

Upgrade your equipment and free up working capital in the process.  

Easy Upgrades

Easily make new or pre-owned equipment upgrades with little or no down payment. You decide what equipment your business really needs.

Unlock Tax Savings

Section 179 brings tax advantages with equipment financing not available with cash or a traditional bank loan.

Improve Efficiency

Get equipment fast and keep a competitive advantage over your competition. Don't wait to take on new jobs and bigger projects.


Conserve cash for times you need it most. You make affordable monthly payments over a set term.

Conserve Bank Lines

Save bank borrowing options to support ongoing cash flow needs.

Challenged Credit

With sufficient business revenue and time in business, we offer solutions for customers that have prior bankruptcies, tax liens, judgments, repossessions, or slow pays.

Types of Businesses That Finance Equipment

  • Small Businesses
  • Middle-Market Companies
  • Large Corporations
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Equipment Dealers/Vendors
  • Government Agencies
  • Nonprofit Organizations

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FAQ: Equipment Financing

Equipment financing allows you to purchase equipment you need to grow your business using a loan or lease with payments made over time, similar to a car loan.  A lease may have options for purchasing the  equipment at the end of the lease.  

Depreciation on equipment often makes traditional lenders like banks and credit unions wary of lending large amounts of money to purchase equipment.  At Sierra Finance we also tap into alternative lenders to provide customized solutions for your equipment needs.  

The length of equipment financing term depends on several factors.  If you are purchasing expensive equipment with a loan, the term can be as long as 10 years.  If you are leasing equipment with a fast depreciation, you may only want to lease it for a couple of years.  

Many business owners can save money on both the cost of equipment and taxes by financing and taking the Section 179 deduction.  If your equipment qualifies, you could save money now by deducting up to 100% of your equipment cost.  We recommend consulting with your accountant or CPA for guidance.

Even if your business is able to purchase a new piece of equipment with cash on hand, financing allows you to invest your company's cash into other strategic opportunities.  Leases are a good option if you have equipment that requires an upgrade every few years.